Medical Student Government (MSG) welcomes you to Penn Med!

One of the great things about Penn Med is the huge range of student groups we have, from student-run clinics to specialty interest groups to music to sports. One best things about Medical Student Government (or MSG, as it’s referred to) is that we get to work with students and projects from all of these groups throughout the year!

A little bit of background: MSG is made up of five class boards (MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4, and combined-degree/year-out, or CDYO) and an executive board. The class boards each have 2 Co-Chairs and multiple Class Representatives, and the executive board is made up of President, Vice President, and heads of Communications and Finance. Elections for the executive board and MS2, MS3, MS4, and CDYO boards take place in the spring, and MS1 elections take place a few weeks after school starts.

MSG board members

Each of the class boards meets every few weeks to plan all sorts of class events, such as post-exam parties at bars, the Pre-Clinical Teaching Awards and the End of Clerkships Semi-Formal, and other activities such as broom hockey tournaments, baking competitions, class talent shows, class ski trips, and more! The class boards and the executive board all get together once a month for the MSG General Body Meetings, where we meet over dinner to discuss big-picture issues affecting the student body, update each other on things we’ve been working on, and just catch up with our friends in other classes. There are also some events that we plan all together as a group – such as the annual school-wide Penn Med Formal, a favorite among Perelman students!

The beautiful Curtis Center, where the 2015 Penn Med Formal was held.

Certain members also meet with the medical school administration at least once per month to discuss changes or events in the school. The administration is wonderful to work with – they actively seek out student input on every important decision, so these meetings allow us to make sure that student views and preferences are represented. For example, when the new Jordan Medical Education Center (JMEC) was being designed, the administration asked for our thoughts on every aspect of this new space, ranging from classroom design to the types of chairs we wanted!

In addition to allowing me to learn a lot about how the medical school runs and to be part of some interesting conversations, what I love about MSG is the camaraderie and friendship that develops among the members. We collaborate closely across all classes and have a lot of fun at our meetings. We also become close friends, and love to get together outside of school.

MSG dinner fun!

We hope to see you at the Student Activities Fair when you arrive on campus next summer. Whether or not you choose to become a member of MSG, we look forward to getting to know you at school events or through other student groups!

Yael Nobel is an MS4, originally from the suburbs of New York City. She graduated from the Princeton in 2010, majoring in Chemistry and Global Health and Health Policy. In her free time she enjoys running, exploring new restaurants, and hanging out with friends.


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